Loverfetish Patent leather paddle–give you wonderful sensations and sound!

BDSM Leather Paddle\spanking paddle from Loverfetish, made of premium patent leather, with a golden “SEX” metal elements as decoration. And the details are very delicate, shinning glossy patent leather shows an excellent feeling, it has strong shrinkage and durability. On the leather surface, with double layer designing details and stitching decorations, making it more fashionable and elegant.Let you enjoy the "symphony of emotions and sound" a little bit more. It’s a deluxe bedroom toy that can add more fun and excitement to sex life and BDSM games.

Loverfetish Patent leather paddle--give you wonderful sensations and sound!-01

This paddle is absolutely as a nice gift for a submissive for her, bdsm bdsm spanking, or a bdsm session can be ended with a patent leather whip. bdsm toy, as well as bdsm device is sewn from several layers of leather and will give wonderful sensations and sound.

In addition to being used as a sex toy, in the field of BDSM, the sex pad also has a certain degree of punishment and correction. Of course, hygiene issues also need to be taken into account when using a fun leather pat. After use, it should be cleaned and disinfected in time to prevent infection and bacterial growth. In addition, the use of skin pats should be based on the voluntary and consent of both parties, and the mastery and adjustment of attention. In general, Sexy Pad is a high-quality sex toy that can add more fun and excitement to sex life and BDSM games. At the same time, health and safety issues also need to be considered when purchasing and using, and based on the premise of mutual consent and consent, the maximum effect can be exerted.

Paddles are great for beginners because the impact is slightly less strong than a whip due to the larger surface. We recommend starting off hitting the fleshier parts of the derriere and moving to other parts of the body and when desired.

Post time: May-10-2023