2023 China Adult-Care Expo is coming…..

The 2023 China Adult-Care Expo is a grand event for global adult products manufacturers to participate in. The exhibition will be held in Shanghai from 21th to 24th, April 2023, with an exhibition area of thousands of square meters. The exhibition will focus on displaying the latest and most cutting-edge products and technologies in the adult products industry, bringing visitors an experience full of excitement and surprises.

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Exhibitors will display all kinds of adult products, ranging from traditional sex toys to high-tech smart products, such as artificial organs, sex toys, sexy underwear, both OEM and ODM factories are gathering in Shanghai. In addition, services and technologies related to adult products will be displayed, such as online marketing, packaging and printing, business consulting, etc.

The expert team behind Loverfetish provides engaging demos of their products, giving customers valuable insight into their use and benefits. They encourage visitors to interact with the products and go the extra mile to ensure every visitor has an amazing experience at their booth. The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for Loverfetish to showcase its brand and establish itself as a key player in the sex industry. They were able to network with other industry players, customers and influencers and received great reviews for their products. Loverfetish's participation in this exhibition has been a complete success, further strengthening their brand image in the minds of sex lovers. With a fresh perspective on adult products, they are poised to become one of the most popular brands on the market.

2023 China Adult-Care Expo is coming…..-01

Re finished product display, this exhibition will also hold a variety of display activities, such as concerts, cultural performances, etc. These activities will allow visitors to fully understand the culture and art of the adult products industry, so as to better understand and appreciate these products. Not only that, this exhibition is also a grand event to get new business opportunities, build business network, and expand business models with adults from various industries and countries.

All in all, the 2023 Shanghai Adult Products Exhibition is a sharp and meaningful exhibition, whether it is for practitioners in the adult products industry or for general audiences. We look forward to seeing you there!

Post time: Apr-03-2023