Impact Play-Loverfetish Spanking paddle gives a fresh feeling

Although elements of BDSM have been practiced for hundreds of years, modern BDSM culture evolved from the ‘leather’ movement. The leather scene originated with soldiers returning home to the United States after World War II, many of whom engaged with biker culture. Consisting mostly of gay men and a few women, the leather movement grew in large American cities. Since then, interest in BDSM has spread around the country to people of every gender and sexual orientation, due in large part to the in

Common BDSM activities include but aren’t limited to the following:

1.Bondage and restraints (Cuffs, ties, bondage tape, blindfolds, gags, rope knots, and plastic wrap. Check out our 
2.Impact play (Spanking, paddling, crops, and hitting)
3.Service (Where the submissive performs actions for the dominant)
4.Discipline (Reward or punishment for following or disobeying instructions)
5.Orgasm control 
6.Roleplaying (Daddy/daughter, teacher/student et cetera)

Today we’d like to introducing Impact play of Spanking paddle.

If you want it to remain aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, I’d give it less than 6 months of semi frequent use. The structure is due to a metal pole in the middle and as you use it, the metal pole will push on the outer material, breaking the “e” and pushing its way to visibility. Like I said, I still have it, it still works, but its not very pretty anymore lol.

The outer material will also flake, and if you’re looking for letter imprints, that won’t happen with this product. Feels pretty alright though!

padded spanking paddle

Unlike a standard riding crop, This Leather BDSM Strap Paddle from Loverfetish delivers a significantly greater level of impact. The effect is similar to that of a belt, providing a thrilling and intense experience. But don’t let the power fool you – this paddle is designed with your comfort and control in mind. The superbly comfortable handle allows for maximum grip and maneuverability, ensuring you can fully explore your desires with precision and confidence.

Post time: Aug-30-2023